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Affordable Oil Tank Removal Ltd on Vancouver Island remove oil tanks from above the ground or those that have been buried underground. Many homes on Vancouver Island still have old unused single wall steel oil tanks that could cause disastrous contamination if there is any oil remaining in the tank and it should leak due to corrosion and rust.

Vancouver Island Residential Oil Tank Removal & Remediation.

There are many homes on Vancouver Island  built before 1957 that were originally heated with furnace oil that required an oil tank and in many circumstances these were buried underground. The oil storage tanks in backyards, were filled with sand or capped.

Because of the age of the buried oil tanks corrosion and rust can cause leakage resulting in contamination of soil and water of the owner's property, storm sumps and waterways. This will have a financial impact on the market value of the property, the property owner can face substantial penalties for this type of contamination.

reasons to remove an oil tank.

Due Diligence

To improve the environmental conditions of the property for resale.

Satisfy a lender, prospective purchaser, insurance agent or local government.

Remove high risk conditions.

Avoid a negative impact on property value.

Why it pays to have a tank inspection.

Oil tanks corrode from the inside out, so the problems are not always visible. By the time the tank is showing rust, it may have eaten all the way through the inside out. This occurs from condensation that builds up inside the tank. A bad tank produces an odour of oil in the air.

Residential tanks can also leak due to improper installation or maintenance, corrosive soils, tank and piping defects, or damage. This can lead to costly clean-ups and legal ramifications including third-party damages.

A tank removal or abandonment permit allows you to remove or abandon an unneeded or out-of-service underground oil tank.  As a property owner, you are responsible for removing underground oil tanks

Nearly 40 percent of all oil spills reported to the Department of Environment annually are from domestic oil tanks at private homes.  A leaking oil tank can become a serious fire and environmental hazard. Whether the tank is located inside or outside the home, a spill can cause serious contamination.